Not everyone in the world can get the perfect look of God. Shoulder width is also a problem that many women face, and can only rely on wearing to improve the shoulder width. In the end, Broad-Shouldered women are not suitable for what clothes, and which clothes are suitable? Let’s take a look at it.

Big V-neck Suitable For Broad-Shouldered Women Wearing

3 Styles Below Are Unsuitable For Broad-Shouldered Women Wearing

Off Shoulder and Bubble Sleeve

Off The Shoulder Clothing Unsuitable For Broad-Shouldered Women

The off-the-shoulder design is one of the favorite styles for many women. But don’t choose to wear the off shoulder clothes if your shoulder is wide, even if you have a beautiful collarbone. The off shoulder clothes are easy to expose the shortcomings of the wide shoulder. This year, although the design of bubble sleeves or princess sleeves is very popular, the women with a wide shoulder are really not suitable. The wide-shoulder plus the bubble sleeves can turn you into a giant. So please to discard the design of bubble sleeves or princess sleeves.

Cold-Shoulder Design

Cold-Shoulder Unsuitable For Broad-Shouldered Women

Top with a cold-shoulder design is beautiful, but it is also easy to highlight your wide shoulder. If your shoulder is wide, do not wear this kind of style. And some of the tops will have some decoration in the shoulder parts, likewise, this decoration will make your shoulder look bigger and wider.

Splice and Shoulder Pad

Splice and Shoulder Pad Unsuitable For Broad-Shouldered Women

A splicing top that can show a very youthful look is also not suitable for a shoulder-width woman. The sleeves color of the splicing tops is different from the clothes color, which is easy to show the shoulders are wide. For women with wide shoulders, shoulder pads design are also a bad choice. Although the top with the shoulder pad can look more domineering, the Broad-Shouldered woman really does not need.

2 Styles Below Are Suitable For Broad-Shouldered Women Wearing

Big V-neck and One Shoulder

Big V-neck and One Shoulder Suitable For Broad-Shouldered Women Wearing

The woman with shoulder width is visually fatter, So choosing the right clothes can also look thinner. The top of the big V-neck design is very suitable, which can make the wide shoulders visually weaken and focus the eye on the collarbone. The one shoulder design has been very popular since last year. If you want to look like a little sexy, it is a good choice. One shoulder design can also be used to modify the shoulders.

Square Collar

Square Collar Suitable For Broad-Shouldered Women Wearing

Recently, the design of the square collar is also very popular. With a court style and retro style, wearing it, you will look very personalized. If your collarbone is beautiful and wants to be highlighted, the square collar is also a very good choice. The square collar can also make the neck look slimmer, then who will notice your wide shoulders?

In fact, we all have different defects, but we don’t need to suffer for those defects. It’s also possible to hide it with some tips.

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