It’s summer now, It’s time to buy some new clothing for yourself now ^.^. At the same time, you should to wash & store your jacket into the wardrobe. Then, let’s learn how to wash the jacket then store them?

how to wash the jacket

First, let’s to understanding at the origin of the jacket. The jacket is an evolution of the jacket made of coarse cloth called Jack, which was worn by men in the middle ages. Today, the jacket has become a favorite garment of everyone. The jacket is comfortable, natural, generous and casual, which can be worn in daily life, travel and business activities, and can easily be worn in a variety of styles and occasions. Then…

How To Wash The Jacket

womens jacket

First of all, let’s take a look at what kinds of fabrics are available for jackets. Jackets have a wide range of fabrics. There are usually comprehensive series, cotton and polyester series, brocade and cotton series, cashmere and wool blends and so on.

How To Wash The Cashmere And Wool Blend Jacket

Cashmere And Wool Blend Jacket

Cashmere and wool blended jackets are suitable for dry cleaning, not suitable for washing; If you want to wash by hand, use a special detergent for wool. Remember, do not wash cashmere or wool blended jackets by machine.

How To Wash The Composite Fabric Jacket

Composite Fabric Jacket

When washing composite fabric jackets, do not wash them by hand. This will be degumming and foam the composite fabric, which greatly affects the appearance of the garment. And you can use a soft brush to gently remove stains from composite fabric jackets.

How To Wash The Sanding Jacket

Sanding Denim Jacket

The style of sand-washing fabrics is that it is once washed and faded once, with a nostalgic style. So, when it comes to sand washing jackets, turn over the jacket then to washing or drying them, and it should be washed separately, To avoid staining other clothes. Also, don’t scrub.


When washing the jacket, don’t soak it in the water for too long. It is best to wash it in 15 minutes. After washing it, use a washing machine to ease the dehydration. Then hang it in a ventilated place and dry it naturally. Never expose it to the sun. After cleaning and drying then you can be relieved to put it in the wardrobe.

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