When we look at a person, the first thing we look at is their shoes. Clean and tidy shoes always attract people’s attention. So whether your shoes look good or not, it is always right to keep your shoes neat. However, it is easier said than done. Sometimes our shoes get dirty, but we did not wash them in time. After a long time, the shoes will difficult to clean up, especially the canvas shoes. So learn how to wash canvas shoes and the insole is very important.

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Canvas Shoes Can Be Washed By Hot Water?

Obviously, the answer is NO. Because hot water can make stubborn stains even more stubborn, so it’s best to soak it in warm water for a while to break down the stain. After soaking, put some detergent on the area of the stains.

how to wash canvas shoes

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Toothpaste is also a good way to wash canvas shoes, as it contains alkalinity, which helps break down stains. One thing to watch out for when washing canvas shoes with toothpaste is not to squeeze too much, which can also damage the fabric of the canvas. Cover the stain with a thin layer, preferably allowing it to break down for 10 or 20 minutes. Then wash by water.

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At last, Cover the shoes with a layer of newspaper to dry it under the sun.

How to wash the insoles?

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Generally speaking, insoles are probably the dirtiest part of shoes. Because If your feet are prone to sweating, can generate a lot of bacteria, then it will be hard to wash, It is best to take some alkaline substances to soak so that the insole is better to clean up.

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