Many people will definitely at least have a single fashion item that they dare not try, but they feel very beautiful, finally bought it. But after buying it, almost have no chance to wear it, because it’s really too hard to mix & match. But please don’t worry, today I’ll share you how to style the top 5 difficult to mix & match fashion items.

Puff Sleeves

The so-called puff sleeves top is that the part of sleeves is puffy. This kind of top can effectively cover the meat on your arm, but the shortcoming is it easily make your shoulder wider. Because puffy sleeves can effectively make your shoulder look wider visually.

Puff Sleeves

If your shoulder is thin, this kind of top is very suitable for you. About the collar, there are many kinds of shapes, such as plain shape, heart shape. The plain shape is suitable for the majority of people and exposing the clavicle part make you look thinner. Comparing to the heart shape, it decreases the sexy feeling but still has the femininity.

Floral Print

When it comes to floral print, generally the majority of people think this is the items that easily make you look mature, that’s true.

Floral Print - Hard To Mix & Match Fashion Item

But if you choose the right floral print, it won’t increase your age visually. The most important thing to choose the floral print items is not to choose the too complex floral print, and the mixed color can not be over 3 colors, because this will look giddy. A mixture of some unsuitable color will make your skin look black.

Lace Fashion Item

The lace fashion items almost transparent will really be a fashion disaster if you wear them in the wrong way. If you wear it in the right way, then you are a gentlewoman, otherwise, it will be really bad.

Lace Fashion Item

Notably, try best to avoid choosing a light color series, you’d better choose the black and white color, such as the black lace vest is very sexy. Wear the single vest may be too exposed, then you can put on a coat. Or put the lace vest outside, matching with shirt or Hoodie inside. In this way, it will help to reduce the sexy degree and bring you to another style, Super recommend this wearing.

Choose the lace shirt with a light color won’t be wrong. No matter the white or yellow skin, generally people can hold it. If there is a lace fashion item on your lower body, then you can choose a T-shirt on the upper body, This kind of matching will look more suitable and more temperament.

Short Skinny Leggings

The short skinny leggings have already become a fashion item. This kind of super close-fitting short is easy to expose shortcomings if your body shape is not well. Such as hip line is not perfect, much flesh on thighs. But it is okay, you can use good matching to cover the shortcoming. Want to hold this kind of tight pants, you must wear a loose top. At this moment, the loose T-shirt is suitable and it will be very nice to wear the same color for your upper and lower body.

Short Skinny Leggings
Short Skinny Leggings

Matching with a suit is another choice, and the point is the length of the suit is around the hips. Larger tailoring looks great, it is the same to create a loose upper and tight lower visual effects. If you want to try this wearing style, then you must match with sports pieces, because the short skinny leggings are actually sports items, which is more suitable paired with sports shoes.

Leather Pants

Leather Pants- Hard To Mix & Match Fashion Item

Since the leather pants material is glossy, it has puffy effects. So when choosing it, black is safest. Next let’s look at the tailoring, tight or loose shape. If your lower is a little fat, the wide-leg leather pants are the best choice. If your shank is not that thin, you can choose bell-bottom trousers. Finally, remember never try to choose patent leather pants.

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