Most people except don’t know what to eat and the most important thing is don’t know what to wear every day. Every morning, standing in front of the closet, thinking about what to wear today, However, always can’t find the most suitable outfits, Or always feel that no clothes are worn. Next, I’ll share you 5 best everyday wear outfit ideas to solve this trouble.

T-Shirt With Pants

This way of wearing has been said many times, but there are still people who wear in the wrong way. Try not to have a super-exaggerated print T-shirt unless you are going to the party. And you have to choose the color of the T-shirt, the fluorescent color all out. The best choice is to choose a solid color, and then have a small pattern on the chest, in fact, it is best to match clothes. If you want to buy a letter T-shirt, remember to see the meaning of the letters, or it will be embarrassing.

Hoodies With Skirts

Hoodies With Skirts

This must choose the right style, otherwise your body advantage will not show up, such as the waist curve is blurred. Whether it’s a hooded or an ordinary long-sleeved hoodie, it’s a good fit, perfect for students. Compared to pants, the dress is more youthful and makes you look feminine. Recommend that you can choose a thin section because if the clothes are too thick, it will look like a large waist when it is stuffed into the skirt, which will affect the appearance.

Suit & Inside & Pants / Skirt

Mainly in suits, don’t think that only office workers can wear suits. If you think that your dress is too ordinary, then a suit outside will make your style change. If you feel too formal, choose the canvas shoes for the shoes. The same color skirt is also super nice. Don’t know what color to wear, then choose just like the suit color. Can also be matched with the same color of the bottom to match the sense of coordination.

Suit & Inside & Pants

With jeans, there is no sense of disobedience, and there is a formal feeling in leisure. Or such a shorts suit, it is also very nice.

T-Shirt Match With Half Length Skirt

If you are pear-shaped, you can choose a white top in the upper body and a dark dress in the lower body. It can be a fan-shaped skirt so that you can not expose your own shortcomings.

T-Shirt Match With Half Length Skirt

Or if you are apple-shaped, you can choose dark tops match with bright-colored skirts, highlight your lower body, definitely make you the focus.


Dress - outfit ideas

You can easily solve your troubles by wearing a dress. You don’t have to worry about how to match it, you can put on the dress go out the door at any time. If you feel cold, add a coat, knitting or denim is the most suitable.

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